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Organizational Structuring

In our country's booming economy, positions and designations of employees in organizations very often overlap and get assimilated. While this seems convenient, it adversely affects the overall productivity of the organization as well as the performance of the employees themselves. me-HR recognizes the value of an individual's contribution to an organization. We aim to help in structuring and defining the hierarchy of the various designations and jobs in your organization so as to make it as efficient as possible. This process provides clarity in job roles and sets the appropriate expectation bar.

Employee Job Evaluation and Gradation

Our consulting services in these areas help you establish a rational and explainable basis to define the organization structure, roles and required levels of hierarchy. A well implemented Job Evaluation and Employee Gradation process provides a valid base for designing compensation and benefits programs while establishing clarity in relative worth of different roles in the organization.

HR Policies Formulation

Employee friendly and strategically aligned HR Policies play an invaluable role in establishing the organization as "the best place to work". Today's workforce is younger, dynamic and individualistic. The Generation Next will be committed to deliver its best once it is convinced that their organization follows fair, humane, progressive and transparent HR policies. Employees enlightened on the spirit and logic behind organizational policies feel empowered to contribute their best. A committed workforce in turn ensures the success of the organization.

Job Description, KRA/ KPIs Formulation

Your employees can provide greater value-add when they are fully aware about their roles, responsibilities and performance standards. Competency based Job descriptions and performance standards (KRA/KPIs) developed in alignment with business strategy inculcate high levels of awareness and accountability in the team. This exercise provides a valuable opportunity for the top management to align the performance of each employee to the strategic goals of the organization.

Performance Management

Performance levels are a motivating element in any given organization. To maintain the optimum performance level of any organization, a systematic approach to measure the performance of the employees must be adhered to. This is important to the organization since it directly affects the company’s performance and profits. me-HR will help you in the process of aligning your mission, goals, and objectives with the available resources, thus ensuring your business is booming.

Compensation Benchmarking & Employee Benefits Study

The ability to balance the needs of attracting and retaining talent with the fiscal responsibilities of the organization is of high priority to the executives of an organization. Under compensation benchmarking, me-HR will provide the information required to define the costs associated with salaries and other components of compensation, in accordance with the market standards and similar market players.

Employee Satisfaction Survey- In person

Humans, as a resource, are the crux of any organization. Their well-being contributes to their performance and largely impacts the productivity and value of a company. Sometimes, a business entity doesn't have additional resources to fulfill this need. Professionals from me-HR provide this service from an objective point of view, thus eliminating bias. They will engage the employees individually and interact with them, to identify any concerns or red flags that are otherwise not very conspicuous but may affect the employee's performance and the productivity of the company at large.

Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook contains the rules and vision of the company; the guidelines and policies that must be adhered to. It is essential that these policies are explained in a lucid and clear manner, so as to avoid any issues or discrepancies. me-HR will help you fashion the employee handbook for your company in the right way: simple and to-the-point, that aligns with the thoughts of the company, stakeholders - bringing everyone to the same page.

Employee Engagement Activities

Engagement is an essential changing point for the growth and innovation of a given company. Organizations with an engaged workforce often out-perform their competition and can recover quickly from setbacks. me-HR has a wide range and a diverse agenda of such activities that you can explore, ensuring that the employee is aware of how they fit in and contribute to the larger picture. me-HR will carry out various skill-based and awareness workshops, which is an excellent way to meet people from other teams sharing the same interest.

Talent Acquisition

The crucial process of finding and acquiring skilled human labor to meet the organizational needs and requirements is broadly termed as Talent Acquisition. me-HR is proficient in acquiring and procuring modern talent, as well as workforce planning functions that include organizational talent forecasting, strategic talent assessment, and development.

Training and Development

me-HR aims to improve the performance of the individuals and groups of the company by sharpening their skills & concepts, refreshing their existing knowledge, and help them learn about new developments. Such programs bring about an effective change in the employee's performance, thus contributing to the production and value of the organization.

An End-to-End Approach to Payroll

me-Hr’ payroll specialists leverage scalable technology to manage your payroll process. Unlike other payroll administrators that require the employer to handle new-hire onboarding,our team manages your entire payroll with all compliance checks and adherence. Our process ensures you can stop worrying about payroll and focus on growing your business.

HR Sales Support

Every organization aims to have a motivated sales team because thats the key to great business. me-HR team has designed a special product only for your front army. We have created processes that measure, manage, and analyze sales data.These insights can help sales teams understand and make more effective decisions about prospects and customers, product lines, market opportunities, and sales team performance. Based on this we design incentive plan and spot awards too.

Partnering with Colleges

We design internship projects for our clients which gives us an insight about the needs of the clients and the talent we have in the market to fill the gaps. Our founder has been giving guest lectures in colleges for over a decade now on topics related to job trends, recruitment process and placements.

Our Services

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We are a Human Resource outsourcing firm and our services include all the steps that come under the HR cycle which starts from hiring to exit of an employee.

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