Our Philosophy

The bamboo plant is symbolic of resilience and optimism. A synthesis of the yellow bark and the green leaves symbolize success, good fortune and renewal. With proper nurturing, the bamboo plant flourishes and thrives even in unfriendly conditions. We believe that with the right amounts of nurturing and optimism, topped with unshakable resilience, there is no goal that cannot be achieved.





 The backbone of me-HR, Sonia Patra, has a keen eye for detail, which is often helpful in providing real humane solutions for your business problems. 

Having 15 years of experience in her favour, she has a veteran understanding of key employee related processes, learning and development. She has worked with various MNCs and also a large part of her career has been with start-ups from inception till various levels of series funding. 

This combination of experience makes Sonia adept in recognizing what exactly a given organization needs to function smoothly and boosts their profits by enhancing the performance of the employees in manner that keeps all parties satisfied. All in all, she is a people friendly person, has a practical approach and believes in keeping it simple - a perfect combination for the field of Human Resources.