Organizational Structuring


In our country's booming economy, positions and designations of employees in organizations very often overlap and get assimilated. While this seems convenient, it adversely affects the overall productivity of the organization as well as the performance of the employees themselves. 

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Performance management


Performance levels are a motivating element in any given organization. To maintain the optimum performance level of any organization, a systematic approach to measure the performance of the employees must be adhered to. 

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Compensation Bench-marking & Employee Benefit Study


 The ability to balance the needs of attracting and retaining talent with the fiscal responsibilities of the organization is of high priority to the executives of an organization.  

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Human Survey


 Humans, as a resource, are the crux of any organization. Their well-being contributes to their performance and largely impacts the productivity and value of a company. Sometimes, a business entity doesn't have additional resources to fulfill this need.  

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Employee Handbook


 The Employee Handbook contains the rules and vision of the company; the guidelines and policies that must be adhered to. It is essential that these policies are explained in a lucid and clear manner, so as to avoid any issues or discrepancies. 

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Employee Engagement Activities


 Engagement is an essential changing point for the growth and innovation of a given company. Organizations with an engaged workforce often out-perform their competition and can recover quickly from setbacks. 

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Talent Acquisition


   The crucial process of finding and acquiring skilled human labour to meet the organizational needs and requirements is broadly termed as Talent Acquisition.

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Training and Development


   me-HR aims to improve the performance of the individuals and groups of the company by sharpening their skills & concepts, refreshing their existing knowledge and help them learn about new developments. 

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The Humane Corner


 This niche addresses the elephant in the room. People often tend to overlook the mental stress and strain they experience at work due to various reasons.  

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